Proximity Commerce is Coming of Age and it Needs to Be Secure

Whisper Communications' Cone of Silence (WCoS) provides the most secure user experience in the rapidly growing wireless/mobile payments point-of transaction application space.

WCoS ties security to proximity. Our patented technology allows information to only be transferred within our secure Cone of Silence, which is created around the payer/payee.

Our technology prevents eavesdroppers from collecting ANY information in the wireless/mobile payment point-of transaction.

And most importantly, our solution is deployed with little or no involvement by end users taking the weakest link, people, out of the security equation.

Keeping your data...Safe.

For mobile devices, the encoding is created on the device and the pre-encoded information is stored within the mobile wallet application.

Encoding is created on the device and the pre-encoded information is stored within the mobile wallet application.

This allows the mobile wallet to contain multiple payment options and still comply with the required card emulation.

Decoding occurs on the point of sale terminal in software/firmware allowing for a very simple rollout.

Jeffrey B. McConnell, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is the CEO of Whisper Communications and is a strong General Manager with a twenty five year track record of delivering exceptional results and significantly improving organizations from venture capital backed to Fortune 500. He is experienced in strategic planning and transformation, building a sustainable high performance culture and installing high performance operating processes and practices. He has well-developed Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment Banking relationships that have enabled acquisitions, divestitures, new business development, and financial and operational restructurings. Jeff's prior early stage experience includes Avalon International, a SAAS check imaging company and iKobo an internet money transfer company. Earlier in his career he worked for American Express, First Data, Western Union and Moneygram in the financial technologies space in both staff and operating roles. He has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of Colorado.


Whisper Communications is located at the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC), at Technology Square on the Georgia Tech Campus.

75 5th St NW
Suite 202
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (678) 439-6499

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